SeaEscape was born with a very precise philosophy: offering a 360° quality service, leaving nothing to chance necessarily means collaborating with professional partners.

We have thought of everything you need to enjoy the experience of our excursions.

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Do you want to pay with your Card? With SeaEscape you can do it. Thanks to the SumUp mobile POS, we can accept card payments. Our first interest is to facilitate the customer.

Another partner of ours is: iCars.
Icars is a reality that offers its customers all services for their car, the "Wellness Center for your car".

Astoria ties its name to the product par excellence of the Venetian wine tradition: Prosecco. But Astoria is not only Prosecco, it also produces wines including the Colli di Conegliano Docg Crevada and Croder and makes use of the technical support of a staff of great competence and prestige.

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